With the ultimate goal of helping teachers achieve desired student learning outcomes, Continuing Education Associates is committed to providing high quality accredited online continuing education courses and professional development topics that are relevant and convenient for teachers. They are taught by expert instructors covering content areas pertinent to today's K-12 schools:

· Book Study
· Classroom Management
· School Counseling
· Instructional Strategies
· Life Skills/Social Issues
· Science
· Social Sciences
· Special Education and Needs
· Technology

Topic areas such as; Classroom Management, Instructional Strategies, Life Skills, Social Science, and Technology, are addressed by courses that are designed to help individuals hone their teaching skills while they pursue professional development plans and accomplish professional development goals, as well as pursue salary advancement, renewal credit, and personal enrichment opportunities. Schools and school districts have found value in purchasing courses to implement as part of their internal professional development strategies and initiatives as well.

Courses are available for various types of continuing education pursuits; including, Graduate Professional Development Credits, Continuing Education Units (CEUs - noncredit), and contact hours. Individuals pursuing professional development credit for license renewal, certification, or salary advancement, should check with their licensing/approval boards prior to registering.

Relicensure » Recertification » Renewal:

1 credit2 credit, and 3 credit self-paced online courses for teachers are available.

Courses by Category

Courses by University Partner

Courses by Number of Credits

Online Course Pricing

15 Hours - 1.5 CEU’s - 1 Credit
Noncredit/CEU $150.00 Credit $175.00
30 Hours - 3.0 CEU’s - 2 Credit
Noncredit/CEU $250.00 Credit $325.00
45 Hours - 4.5 CEU’s - 3 Credit
Noncredit/CEU $350.00 Credit $475.00

Course Highlights

  • Learn at your own pace and enroll at any time.
  • You can complete your courses as fast as necessary but generally completion is within 4 to 5 months.
  • You must have earned a bachelor’s degree if registering for credit.
  • Whether you are working from a professional development plan or a set of goals, there are many different  topics to help you hone your teaching methods and define more effective strategies for the classroom.  Check out the course listings noted below.
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