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Tiny Habits for Teachers taught me skills I use every day. The course explores behavior change methods that promote personal and classroom growth. The online class begins with an introduction to B.J. Fogg’s Tiny Habits method. Fogg’s formula teaches a straight-forward manner of setting and achieving goals. Using the formula is simple and becomes self-revelatory.

Behavior change ideas are further developed with a study of Karen Pryor’s short book, Don’t Shoot the Dog. Pryor describes successful instruction through positive reinforcement and shaping. Fogg and Pryor give logical strategies to increase productive behavior. Both methods are a reminder that the best classrooms use procedures and training rather than discipline and punishment.

The Tiny Habits for Teachers instructor, Ann Dolence, was easy to contact and insightful in her response to assignments. The class adapted well to my personal schedule and fell within the 45 hours projected to complete it. I highly recommend this class to teachers, trainers, and professionals that lead groups of people. Kerry L.

Kerry L.

This is a course every teacher needs to take to understand how it is possible to teach more depth in a subject and to teach more ways in less time.

Clark S.

I thought the class was quite valuable and informative.


I am glad to have taken this course. It has opened my eyes to optional instruction in the classroom.

Clark S.


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    Book Study
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    Engaging Families to Enhance Student Learning - 1 Credit
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    Smart Phones in the Classroom: Strategies for Effective Implementation - 3 credits


The ND ASD Conference has been cancelled due to the recent updates and recommendations by the CDC. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and look forward to hosting this event in April 2021.

We plan to provide a list of resources on the conference website, so please check back frequently for resources and more information regarding the conference in 2021.

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