The staff at Continuing Education Associates (CEA) have been in the business of promoting personal and professional career advancement for more than 18 years. Focusing on educational excellence, CEA helps individuals and organizations achieve their educational goals by providing top-class educational activities, resources, and professional support services.   Whether it is to advance ones’ career or to host an event for multiple individuals, CEA offers top-class professional programs and services to help you achieve your educational goals.  CEA specializes in the following continuing education (activity) types:

Professional development courses (and credits) for teachers.  ONLINE AND HYBRID

Non-credit personal and professional development classes for individuals and businesses.

Workshop and conference planning and support services.

Attendance tracking and verification of completion services.

Why choose CEA for your professional development needs?

Teachers.  CEA has extensive experience in providing high quality, convenient, and affordable continuing education opportunities for you.  Courses span many topics relevant to today's classrooms and are led by highly qualified instructors. CEA University partners are accredited and have education program recognition as well.  Course options with our University partners offer flexible start and completion timelines for you.  Complete at your own pace.


Working professionals and businesses. CEA has extensive experience in providing high quality, convenient, and affordable workshops and conferences for you.  Classes span many topics relevant to business and industry.  CEA offers many training topics online as well as several onsite classes.  CEA presenters have extensive experience related to the training they provide.


Workshop or conference planning. CEA has extensive experience in planning and supporting workshops and conference events. CEA offers full-scale support; from initial planning through activity close-out, including budget management, CEA provides support to help you ensure a smooth event. Event support inquiries can be made here.


Attendance tracking. CEA has extensive experience in tracking attendance for events along with providing corresponding verification (records) of completion. More information or requests for a proposal regarding attendance tracking can be made here. 


CEA Mission:
Our mission as an educational outreach organization is to extend instructional expertise in a variety of traditional and non-traditional ways, including distance-based education. The company’s general mission is to provide meaningful lifelong learning experiences to individuals and organizations whenever the need for such opportunities has been established. In particular, CEA focuses on providing meaningful non-credit/personal enrichment classes and conference coordination services, as well as professional development courses for K-12 educators.


CEA Vision:
Our vision is to be a premier educational outreach organization in the nation.


These “excellence-grounded” principles guide our work and define our mission-


Integrity, accountability, and trust. We commit to openness and honesty, fairness, responsibility, and the highest professional standards. We believe that the expertise and judgment of education professionals are critical to customer and organizational success. We maintain the highest professional standards, and we expect the status, recognition, and respect due to all professionals.


Customer-focused. We continually strive to meet the needs of our customers and constituents through dependable, reliable, and quality service.


Equal opportunity and access. We believe education is the gateway to opportunity. All people have the human and civil right to a quality education that develops their potential, independence, and character.
Partnerships and relationships. We believe our partnerships and relationships with customers, instructional experts, businesses and communities, and other stakeholders are essential to quality education and customer and organizational success.


Creativity and innovation. We believe in the spirit of exploration and discovery, and realize the value of the individual and collective expression.


Lifelong-learning. We realize the human and societal benefits of lifelong learning and continually renew our programmatic endeavors and services to foster ongoing educational engagement.
We believe every person, regardless of locale or potential impediment to access deserves a quality education. In pursuing our mission, we will focus our energy and resources on (1) improving the quality of teaching, learning, and access thereto, thereby increasing customer retention and achievement and (2) improving customer satisfaction for those that are outside of the traditional educational environment by continually striving for excellence in what we do.

Your partner in Education.