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Shocking Truth course is a complete set of “hands-on” lessons centered around a single conceptual unit of instruction. Included in the course are; course syllabus, assessment menu, grading guide, student pages, teacher pages, safety guidelines and helps, student assessments, and teacher assessments. Please see the attached course documents for particulars.

Intermediate is recommended for 3rd-8th grade teachers.

Course Objectives

  • to bring “real-life” applied science into the classroom
  • allow teachers and students to use constructivist learning for real hands-on science
  • gives the professional educator help with what is needed to enhance their natural teaching skills in a given area.
  • allow for multi-level learning skills to address the concept
  • train teachers in ways to identify cross-curricular ties to each science concept so students realize everything is connected
  • train teachers to recognize relevant STEM applications

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