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Behavior! As teachers you have to deal with a variety of student behaviors on a daily basis. You can have the perfect lesson plans, great organization, and even the best resources, but if you have one or more behavior issues in your classroom; the classroom’s entire rhythm can be thrown into disarray.

Children behaving negatively can cause a myriad problems for all teachers and understanding these behaviors means that you will not only create a more harmonious classroom environment, but you will also be able to provide better learning experiences for ALL students.

Course Objectives


  • To gain an understanding of childhood behavior and the possible reasons for challenging behavior.
  • To learn about childhood conditions, such as ADHD, autism, emotional conditions, Sensory Disorders and Sensory Issues, that can be responsible for challenging behavior/s.
  • To discover a range of evidence based strategies and techniques that assist teachers to understand and make necessary adjustments for challenging behaviors within the classroom.
  • Learn strategies to assist students to understand their own behavior so that they may choose to make more appropriate choices.
  • To learn about Whole School Approaches, such as Positive Behavior Support (PBS or PBIS) & School Wide Positive Behavior Support (SWPBS)

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