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Effective Differentiated Instruction Techniques for the Classroom is a course designed to provide teachers with the knowledge and strategies necessary to allow them to make sensible and informed choices about how they differentiate instruction for the students in their classrooms; thus improving student achievement. The course will not just provide an overview of the topic, but will also offer specific and practical strategies for successful implementation.

The purpose of the online course is for participants to gain knowledge and practice in a multitude of strategies to help students reach their full potential.

Course Objectives

  • Understanding the rationale for designing and implementing differentiated classroom instruction.
  • Understanding the diverse learning needs of their students.
  • Understanding the key components of differentiated instruction in lesson design.
  • Assessing student learning styles and readiness levels.
  • Selecting and applying the most appropriate differentiation techniques to address individual student needs.
  • Efficiently and effectively incorporating a variety of differentiation strategies and techniques.
  • Developing a plan to create an instructional climate where differentiation can be successful.
  • Responding judiciously to the diverse learning needs of all of their students instruction.

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