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I want to get my ND real estate salesperson license, what do I need to do? 
You must be a minimum of 18-years old and be a resident of North Dakota.

Prior to issuance of your North Dakota real estate salesperson license you must complete 45 hours of pre-licensure education, pass the pre-licensure course test with a minimum of 70 percent grade, complete the ND Real Estate Commission application process including a background check and pass the ND state and AMP national test.

The North Dakota Real Estate Commission (NDREC) has the most updated information regarding obtaining a ND real estate salesperson license, for further information refer to:

After I complete the 45 hour program, where do I take my salesperson exam?
You must complete the ND Real Estate Commission’s application process.  Once completed applicants will be provided a letter of approval and test ID number with instructions to contact Applied Measurement Professionals (AMP) to schedule a time and location to take the North Dakota state and AMP national tests. 

Applied Measurement Professionals (AMP) administers the salesperson examination at H&R Block locations in Bismarck and Fargo. For further information

What is the cost to take the AMP exam?

The following link to the AMP North Dakota Real Estate Examination Program Candidate Handbook includes the current fee

Once I receive my North Dakota real estate salesperson license, can I sell real estate in Minnesota?
In order to sell real estate in the state of Minnesota you must first obtain a MN real estate license.The state of North Dakota has reciprocity with Minnesota.The pre-licensing education and licensing examination is waived in Minnesota under the reciprocal agreement, however you must apply for the Minnesota license and pay the licensing fee to receive your Minnesota license.

What does my real estate salesperson license allow me to do?
A real estate sales person licensed by the state may help consumers with real estate matters for a fee or commission and must work under a managing or principal broker.A licensed salesperson can receive a fee or commission for assisting consumers in the residential or commercial purchase or sale of property, property management and rental assistance by working with buyers, sellers, tenants and landlords to help them reach an agreement

What is the average income of a real estate agent?
The annual income in the real estate business vary depending on a number of factors including the local economy, if the agent is part-time or full time, industry, location, years of experience and individual work ethic.
How long will my initial license be valid?
The initial North Dakota real estate license is good from the date of issuance through December 31st of that year with an annual renewal every year thereafter.

Is there “post-hours/on-the-job-training” a person must complete before they are fully licensed?
Within 1 year after initial licensure as a salesperson, the salesperson must complete 15 hours of post-licensure education.  On-the-job training is not a requirement for a salesperson to be fully licensed, however many brokers offer some type of  training.  The training requirements offered by brokerages varies from broker-to-broker.  

What are the renewal requirements?
Licensees must have completed the required annual continuing education hours including mandatory courses, complete the on-line license renewal process and pay the licensing fee.

Within 1 year after initial licensure as a salesperson, the salesperson's broker must furnish certification that the salesperson has successfully completed 15 hours of post-licensure hours

Licensees, with the exception of those newly licensed, are required to have completed a total of 9 hours of continuing education annually.

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