Paperless Classroom


Jim Ruid

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Why a paperless classroom?  Is it possible?  The answer to both questions is yes and the time is now. The resources are available and free:  From the ever increasing number of Web 2.0 tools, the vast amount of cloud storage and the internet at our finger tips 24/7, paper is becoming obsolete.  In this course you learn the concepts of a paperless classroom through two Web 2.0 tools, Evernote and Google Apps.  From this stating point, your students can share almost all classwork with you and each other in a collaborative method. Through the course other useful Web 2.0 tools are presented, discovered and shared.   P-12 teachers are further encouraged as they learn new ways to increase student achievement in the classroom.  All educators will find new ways to reach student with special needs as well as useful projects that can be used to meet educational and technology objectives and help students’ master content area learning standards.


Upon completion of this course the student will:

  • Value the role of a paperless classroom
  • Appreciate the worth of Web 2.0 tools
  • See “The Cloud” as a valuable collaboration too

What you will need

  •  A personal computer with Internet

What is provided in the course kit

  • All the resources needed to complete the course


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