iPads for Autism Education


Karina Barley

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All children have the right to an education and educational resources that enable them to:

1. Learn how to learn.

2. Have their lessons differentiated and individualized.

3. Achieve success in their learning according to their own individual learning style.

Children with autism learn differently, and it is the view of many researchers and experts such as Simon Baron-Cohen (2005) and Temple Grandin (2010) that autism is not so much a disease but indeed a difference in learning styles. There is significant research that supports the use of technology for students who are on the Autism Spectrum as a tool to assist their learning outcomes.


To provide awareness on learning styles and strategies for learning for the student who is on the Autism Spectrum.

To provide training, education, and strategies for educators who intend to work, or are working with students who have autism.

To understand how to provide an autism friendly classroom, and provide sensory strategies using technology that are conducive to learning.

To understand the importance of using technology to assist students who are on the Autism Spectrum.

To provide a core list of apps to use that caters to the curriculum areas of Language Arts and Math.

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