Hidden Histories: Race and Ethnicity in America 


Dr. Jane Ball

Target Audience

Teachers for grades 10-12

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  • You must have earned a bachelor’s degree if registering for credit.

This course will enable teachers to focus on history as an investigative process rather than on memorization of people, places and dates. The hidden histories will provide theoretical foundations to better understand the complexity of the issues surrounding race, gender, and ethnicity.

Course Purpose

The course will teach educators how to empower their students to navigate through multicultural and multiracial America. It will teach them how to narrow divides between people of diverse backgrounds.  According to the National Standards, “social studies teachers should possess the knowledge, capabilities, and dispositions to organize and provide instruction at the appropriate school level for the study of culture and cultural diversity”. This course is designed to give teachers the knowledge and the tools to facilitate a diverse classroom both effectively and efficiently.

Course Objectives

Educators will:

1) Recognize preconceptions;
2) Apply academic knowledge in the real world;
3) Focus on intercultural awareness;
4) Actively address issues related to race and ethnicity;
5) Understand that students learn prejudice from observation (both subtle and blatant), group membership (fitting in), the media (cowboys and Indians) and religious fundamentalism according to scholars who study and publish in the area of race and race relations;
6) Be able to integrate intercultural awareness and prejudice reduction in the classroom; and
7) Focus on the list of factors that contribute to local achievement gaps.


Note: Registration is restricted to 3 credits maximum for current Hidden Histories course options.


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