Building Community Involvement in Your School for Individuals With Developmental and or Intellectual Disabilities


Ann Dolence and Jenna Tschirgi

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This course provides a framework of information and turnkey program resources to build community within the school through social participation sport, recreation, service learning and employment practice for students with intellectual and or developmental disabilities. Topics include the science of socialization, tips for developing likability, principles for belonging, integration, inclusive design and advocacy strategies.

Individuals in this course will:

•Identify the principal values and attitudes that serve as the foundation of community- within your school.

•Describe the current research supporting the lifelong importance of social connection and community involvement.

•Develop skills in teaching and modeling the behaviors required for social likability.

•Explore and implement new strategies for universal inclusive design within your school community.

•Describe the legal and ethical issues that seclusion and isolation from community that often times confront individuals with developmental and or intellectual disabilities and the professionals who work with them.

•Identify the supports and services that your individuals with developmental and or intellectual disabilities need to learn, work, and play within the school community.

•Explain the key characteristics of Person-Centered Planning and how it is used to promote student empowerment within the school community.

•Obtain advocacy support information for building community within school.

•Design a turnkey community building practice that you can implement and sustain in your school.

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