Ann Dolence

Ann Dolence, has spent 15 years as a certified recreation therapist working in the area of psychiatric treatment. She has owned her own professional speaking and training business, The Leisure Connection, for the past 25 years.  Ann is a Certified Tiny Habits Coach and was recently named to the Tiny Habits National and International Online Coaching Faculty.  She has facilitated Worksite and School Wellness programs for Lakes Country Service Cooperative for the past 13 years and teaches as an adjunct instructor at the University of North Dakota Recreation and Tourism Department. Ann is also the co-owner and co- developer of Wellday at Work; Healthy online breaks for your workday.

Ann promotes nationally and locally that creativity, playfulness, laughter, and celebrations of life are nature's way of re-energizing and re-vitalizing ourselves. Once we remove the obstacles that conflict and negative attitudes produce, we are sure to obtain our goals. Simple techniques implemented daily can make these positive life qualities of success available to everyone.

Ann draws her training and presentation material from her professional knowledge but also from real-life experiences.  Having always had a passion for running. Ann has participated in distance running races for the past 27 years. She believes in life, like in going the distance in running, training is the key to performance. You must focus on the finish line, stay on course and believe you will reach your goal one step at a time.

Ann's Programs:

  • Tiny Habit Change – a simple formula for successful behavior change
    • Have you tried to make healthy lifestyle changes like losing weight, eating healthier, exercising routinely or being more organized and each time you started you weren't able to keep going?  Did this change begin to feel like pushing a boulder up a mountain and when it came crashing down your motivation felt sort of crushed?   This is a common experience and why Tiny Habits is a practical, simple and effective way to develop success momentum.
  • Attitudes Are Contagious
    • The goal of “Attitudes Are Contagious” is to provide the participants with an energy filled experience of life-applicable attitude information. Positive Psychology lends research and strategies to increase quality and quantity of happiness and success in life through the simple act of positive attitude. Attitude is everything and this information supports the importance and benefits of maintaining a healthy and balance optimistic attitude.
  • Assertive Communication
    • Assertive communication lies somewhere in-between passive and aggressive communication. Like being passive or aggressive, assertive communication is a learned skill. A freedom that gives us the skill to say, this is what I think, I feel, I need, I want and am willing to do. This session will provide education in the role of self-protection as it relates to communication and conflict skills. Participants will practice skills in assertiveness, voice projection and projecting confident body posture. Education concerning the fight or flight stress response as it relates to our communication skills will also be addressed.
  • The Amazing Balancing Act – Stress Management
    • Remember You’re Amazing and It’s Amazing! When we step back and begin to realize all of the responsibilities and demands that we balance on a daily basis we quickly realize how amazing we are. Balance is essential for maintaining health, happiness and long term success. The Amazing Balancing Act will help you find that balance.of maintaining a healthy and balance optimistic attitude.
  • Redirecting Conflict Into Opportunity – Conflict Management
    • The tension that develop during times of conflict provides valuable energy that can be transformed into creative problem solving and opportunity for growth. Productivity generally requires people who can work together toward a common goal. Conflict generally distracts people from being productive and able to work well together. With this training participants will acquire knowledge about the cycle of conflict and the techniques that are the most effective for redirecting conflict into opportunity.
  • Colors Understanding Temperament
    • Enhancing communication skills, productivity, teamwork, family relations, through communicating with an improved understanding of the human temperament. Temperament theory is a method for helping people understand human behavior.  It helps participants recognize, accept and learn to value the differences in others.  It  is a tool to increase  understanding, communication, motivation and positive  relationships!  Personality and Temperament have been studied throughout the ages.  The temperament instrument that will be used for this training is user friendly and easily applied to real – life situations.  The participants will come to the understanding that each of us have four temperaments: A most preferred temperament, second, third and least preferred temperament.
  • When At Became @ - Understanding Change and Reducing the Stress That May Accompany It
    • Moving through and accepting change can be a continuing challenge in the rapidly changing world in which we live. Habits can empower, add confidence, or feelings of success to our lives. But... when conditions change, what once was an asset can become a liability. "When AT became @" provides the incentive and exercises to crave success by accepting and progressing change.
  • Qi-ssage – Easy to learn and a quick way to relax muscle tension, release stress and strain
    • International Qigong Master founder of Spring Forest Qigong Center Eden Prairie Minnesota and contributing author to Mayo Clinic’s Complementary Medicine Textbook - Chunyi Lin created Qi~ssage to provide you with another simple, yet very powerful technique to help you achieve and maintain optimal health, wellness and healing.