Credit Courses for Educators

Learn at your own pace
You can enroll at any time
You can complete your courses as fast as necessary but generally completion is within 4 to 5 months.
You must have earned a BA degree if registering for credit

1-3 credits are available.

Conference Support

Conference Support Services

Registration & Confirmations - Registration Lists
Receivables & Payables Processing - Financial Report
Conference Materials & Packets
Room Setup - Equipment Arrangements

Non-Credit Enrichment Courses

Non-Credit Enrichment Classes

North Dakota Real Estate Pre-Licensure Program
Face to Face - Enrichment Opportunities
Online - Enrichment Opportunities
Subject Experts and Consultants


This is a course every teacher needs to take to understand how it is possible to teach more depth in a subject and to teach more ways in less time. Clark S. (Flipping the Classroom)

I thought the class was quite valuable and informative. Anonymous (Understanding Student Trauma and Its' Impact on Learning)

I am glad to have taken this course. It has opened my eyes to optional instruction in the classroom. Clark S. (Augmented Reality)

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